How much can I get on a loan?

That depends. We really have no maximum amount that we can loan on an item. A loan is calculated, partially, on a portion of the item’s resale value. We loan a portion of the amount that we can expect to receive if we have to sell the item if you do not come back to get it. It is based upon years of experience and how well and fast different types of items sell and does not relate to how much the item cost new. Yes, your item is worth more than we are loaning on it and we will take your past loan record into consideration, both the redeems AND the losses. We do need to see and examine the item before we can give an estimation, however. MOST people do of course pick up the items they put into pawn, but we have to look at all things by what we could sell them for if you didn't come back.

What are the terms of the loan?

The term of the loan is 90 days. Please refer to our loan section of the website, were you’ll find a breakdown of terms and conditions.

How many tickets can I have at once? How often can I pawn something?

In short, as many as you want and as often as you want! We have many regular customers that pawn daily or even more often and others we see but once a year. You can bring in as many different items as you want, or you can bring in the same item many times. That is the beauty of the pawn shop - you can't max out your credit, only to be charged with an 'over credit' charge and the only limit on how much you can borrow is in how much your items are worth on pawn to us!

I want to pawn more than one item. Will they all be on one ticket?

No! At Q’s Loan we give an individual loan ticket per item. This allows our customers the financial freedom of deciding how they want to handle each loan ticket. For example, you pawned 4 items, at the end of the 90 days you wanted to take 2 items out, renew 1 item and forfeit the other item, you can. The possibilities and personal freedom is yours to decide. We feel that it’s your valuables, it should be your choice, not ours.

I want to get a loan on something that I bought from you....do I get a better price?

On jewelry that you buy from us, if the item is still in good condition we will loan you up to one half of the original purchase price, AS LONG AS YOU BRING IN THE ORIGINAL SALES RECEIPT!! Other items, such as electronics, musical instruments etc, are subject to our regular rules as to age and condition. If you have the receipt on these types of items, we MAY be able to give you a little more, depending on the type of item and its condition.

I lost my ticket....what now?

Just bring in your ID. We do have to charge you a $5.00 lost ticket charge for each ticket. This $5.00 charge is applicable to a ticket you have at home but forgot to bring with you as well and is non-refundable. This is charged regardless of your pawn history with us. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR TICKET, YOU WILL NEED YOUR ID!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

I think I see something out for sale that was taken from me. What should I do?

The VERY first thing to do is to make a police report. ALL items that we take in are checked out by the police and are computerized to crosscheck with these reports. We hold all purchases for 10 days and loans are held for three months before we can sell them! WE CANNOT GIVE YOU ANY INFORMATION ABOUT WHO PAWNED/SOLD US AN ITEM! Remember that manufacturers make thousands, if not millions of the same item and that you are not the only one who bought one. Serial numbers, inscriptions, markings and suspected individuals are all very important items to put on the report. Less than one tenth of one percent of ALL stolen items end up in a pawn shop. Most are sold at flea markets, construction sites, second hand shops, the streets and sold to co-workers and friends. If you do have a police report filed and have the case (DR) number and the item is listed, we can put a hold on it while you contact the detective on your case. We cannot, however, just give you the item back. We will do everything we can to work with you, but you need to follow the proceedures set up by the police department and the state legislature! This includes prosecuting the individual(s) involved!

What ID do I need to have to take out a loan?

You will need a state issued picture ID card or drivers license. We CANNOT take anything from you without ID! PERIOD! We also CANNOT take birth certificates, social security cards, temporary drivers' license or ID card, car registrations, verbal ID from a friend, health department cards, pawn tickets from another pawn shop, paycheck stubs, police reports and printouts, traffic tickets, insurance cards, rent/utility receipts, bank statements, photocopies of ID, student ID, ID bought from the back of a magazine, mail, marriage license, divorce decree, fishing license, hunting license, library card, health club card, credit card, membership store card, draft card, hospital ID bracelet, report card, welfare/food stamp cards, your fingerprints or fingerprint card, union card, prison inmate ID, notes from your mother, company employee ID, high school or college diploma or check cashing ID cards for acceptable ID. The list of acceptable ID is very short and is defined by law. (And yes, we have been offered ALL of the above for ID.)

Are my items insured while they are in your care?

Yes. All items in pawn are insured by a nationally recognized insurance company.

Are my items safely stored while in pawn?

Yes. Q’s Loan takes special care to seal all of our customers precious valuables in individually wrapped and labeled packages. All items are kept on premise, never transported to any off site storage.

How much do you pay for colored stones and diamonds?

We use the industry standard “Rappaport Report” to determine diamond loans. We count every stone to insure maximum loan value. Colored stones are a different story though and most are counted into the weight of the gold, unless they are higher quality rubies, emeralds, sapphires or larger tanzanite stones.

How much does it cost to borrow money?

Please refer to our loan section of the website, were you’ll find a breakdown of terms and conditions.

What if I pay my loan before its due?

Any loan redeemed before its due date is charged only for the time accrued. Remember, each month is billed fully as it begins. For example, If you redeem your item within the first 30 days, you will only pay one month of interest.

What if I need more than 90 days?

All of our loans are renewable. If the due date of your loan is nearing and you cannot repay the money borrowed and interest due, you do not have to LOSE your valuables. Simply bring in your ticket/tickets and pay the interest and service charge that is due. We will process your payment and issue you a NEW loan receipt for another 90 days. This can be done, as many times as you need.

Can I pay down my principal?

Yes. We would be happy to accept part of your original loan back when you are paying off your interest. This will help reduce the amount of interest due on the next payment. Sorry, you can only reduce your loan when paying your interest in full.

Can I make another loan with Q’s Loan if I already have a ticket?

Yes. Q’s Loan will make you as many loans as you need. Each transaction is considered a separate loan and will be due based on the date each loan was made.

If I have multiple tickets and cant afford everything, what are my options?

No Problem. Q’s Loan gives every item its own ticket just for this reason. We feel its not fair to put all your items on one ticket. If we did and you couldn’t afford to redeem all your items, then you would lose them all. The customer should be able to decide what pieces they want to redeem and which items they might not want back. At Q’s we give you that option, pay for what you want.