Your Opinion is Important to Us

Your Opinion is Important to Us

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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Q's Loan seeks to provide the best possible loan services for all those in need. Additionally, our pawn shop is constantly getting in new items that could be just what you've been looking for! Stop in today to browse our items or give us a call to learn more about our services and pawn shop items. Additionally, feel free to leave us a review on any of our various outlets to let us know how your experiences were with Q's Loan!

I thought I had left a review previously, but I guess I didn't.

I had been going to Q's Loan for over a year now, as my move back to NYC wnded up astronomically more expensive than planned. I pawned multiple instruments over the course of the time, and rotated the ones in pawn with ones I was using at the time, so I had experience with pawning multiple items, redeeming multiple items, and repawning some when I had to. I have now gotten all of the instruments out of pawn.

First thing - if you have ever pawned something, especially if it had monetary and/or personal significance to you, it is an emotional thing. Chris and the entire staff are *absolutely amazing!*

I have dealt with sociopaths (not at Q's Loan) behind the counters of multiple pawn shops in other states, who always have the attitude of "are you still here?" as long as they weren't making extra money off of you. Q's Loan always treated me with respect and the fees for the pawns are frankly about 1/5 the interest I paid in other states. The entire staff at Q's Loan were always helpful and never let me lose an item pawned as has happened in other states where I pawned one thing or another. They knew I wanted my things back and made sure I was always aware of my due dates and what the costs were for redemption of items on a particular day.

The amounts and rates I got for the pawn loans were very fair and manageable. Everyone was always professional but personable. I can't recommend them enough!

Kelly A

Always great and professional service!

Kelvin M.

Great experience every time. I have dealt with a few places for similar services. There is not a lot of this kind of merchant in NJ. There is maybe one place up north that is remotely close to this area. But Qs is by far the fairest and most competitive. He is not the typical money hungry shop people are used to dealing with. Qs has higher caliper merchandise for resale as well. I never once got the feeling he was trying to make out on my sale but on the contrary I felt that he was looking out for me as the consumer so that I was leaving with a little cash in my pocket and a smile on my face. When the owner isn't in the store, I trust my transaction in the hands of the rest of the staff. I can honestly say that Qs has built a relationship with me time and time again over the years and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else.

Angel E.

I love this place. I got a god awful knot in my favorite necklace and it took absolutely forever to get out but it's out and I am soooo grateful!! But not just that, these are the kind of people that know your name when you come in and that says a lot about a business, so many are just about taking your money and sending you on your way. Not at Q's they are friendly, fair and professional!!

Pamela G.

Excellent employees and the owner is even better. Very helpful knowledgeable reasonable and understanding. Straight forward and Chris gives the best prices for your things and or if your buying they always have great stuff to be purchased also. My only go to place for pawn's , items not needed any longer to be sold , and or to stop in to shop. The best of the best. Highly recommended since day 1. Stop in and try for yourself. You'll be more than Satisfied.

Jerry G.

I moved to this area for my daughter. She wasn't getting the type of care she needed from schools up north. Here they understand her learning disability and help her. But. The cost of living here is completely different and I had to make adjustments and many times look to Q's for loans on items I deeply cared about. Single mom life isnt easy. The staff there is great. They dont judge, they help and they're fair. I recommend them always. If you're in a bind for any reason and need a loan for your items. Look to Q's. I can't thank them enough.

P Rrs

Very good and efficient service. The manager and staff were beyond helpful, picked out a beautiful bracelet and cross for a very reasonable price. Definitely check this place out before you go anywhere else!

Nancy L

Awesome place when you need a quick loan! Always friendly, courteous and professional! I have been going here for several years and it the only loan place I will go to in Toms River.

Lynn S

Great service and friendly staff. I've been a customer for years and they've always treated me like family. I highly recommend Q's Loans.

Daniel P

I came in to sell a watch and had an amazing experience. It was the first time that I went in there and I was treated like family. I will be coming back. Thank you so much!

Brittany S

Always great and professional service!

Kelvin M

Great place to do business, honest and fair appraisals. Good prices on sale items, including some nice guitars. Chris knows his business.

Peter B

These guys and gals are the best around for pawn or sale needs they are the fairest you'll find in any surrounding area paying top dollar in all interested items their items for sale are top shelf items at great prices I love this pawn shop
And the staff are above and beyond the Greatest Businessmen in Ocean Cty. God bless and Thank you for all you've come for me

Lori S

Wonderful shop and the most professional and kind ladies. I had a terrific experience buying jewelry here and sincerely recommend.

Wendy J

Good store with very nice people. They explain everything you want to know about a loan process. I highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks.

Nip L

One of the best places no doubt that I've ever used and not just on a professional level but on person-to-person courtesy in the guitars are freaking awesome this is Bobby Applegate

Bobby A